• Product Code: JBWASHIT5
  • U.O.M: 5L
  • Price: $25.80 (GST Excl.)

JASCO WASH IT is a high strength liquid detergent formulation suitable for use in automatic dishwashing machines. Designed to be dosed automatically via an interrnal pump in the machine or an external pump supplied by the *Distributor (*Some costs may apply). It has been developed by a global manufacturer to the highest of standards to provide a top quality product at a very economical price. Very good Value for Money. JASCO WASH IT combines good soil removal with low foaming and free rinsing characteristics. It is formulated from an alkaline base with chelating and soil suspension agents to handle hard water as well as soft water conditions and a wide range of soiling. Dosing at 2-3ml per litre of wash water means that it is not only highly effective but also very economical "Cost in Use". MPI Approved C31 (all animal product except dairy) Please note that this product is classed as a Dangerous Good to comply with land transport laws this item will be sent seperately and may take up to an additional 5days to be delivered.