Jasco Distributing - Safety Data Sheet Database


A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a vital tool that needs to be part or your Workplace Health & Safety Management Plan. It is a requirement by law to have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and the correct manufacturers product label, for every cleaning product used or stored at your premise or place of work.  As a PCBU, it is your responsibility to make sure Safety Data Sheets are available to everyone that handles or uses these products. During an emergency these must be available within 10 minutes so we recommend storing them in a central location for quick and easy access.

To find a product Safety Data Sheet (SDS), enter the PRODUCT NAME (as written on the product label) into the search bar below. If you require help, please contact our Customer Solutions Team on 0800 527 260, we'd be happy to email them to you.



In case of emergency relating to a product sold by Jasco Distributing, call the 24hr NZ Poison Helpline or contact our Jasco representative TOM HOLLAND on (07) 213 1311

Remember to "STAY CALM"  and follow your Emergency Response Plan.

24hr NZ POISON HELPLINE - 0800 764 766



Some products you use may be classified as hazardous. Please refer to Section 2 - Hazardous Identification on your SDS to see if that product is classified as Hazardous. For more information on storage and handling of hazardous substances, please visit www.hazardoussubstances.govt.nz