• Product Code: JBCIT5
  • U.O.M: 5L
  • Price: $34.89 (GST Excl.)

Citrus Multi is a powerful D-Limonene based natural universal cleaner derived from citrus fruits. Formulated with a blend of biodegradable surfactants for the effective removal of organic based soiling, grease, fat and other dirt and grime. Because of the high dilution rate, Citrus Multi can also be used for heavy duty degreasing and removal of other soils including oils, waxes, body fats, soap scum and carbons. Can also be used as a heavy duty truck wash, or exterior building wash, etc. Citrus Multi can used selectively for carpet and laundry spotting. MPI Approved C31 (all animal product except dairy) Depending on application, 1 x 5ltr of Citrus Multi can be diluted up to 1:80 = (approx 12.5ml per litre of water) making over 400 litres of ready to use product.