• Product Code: BZIC05
  • U.O.M: 5L
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Introducing the fantastic BIOZYME range of grease and odour eliminating cleaning products. . "BIO-ZYME" is a non-toxic, biodegradable, non-allergenic and environmentally friendly, deodorising agent. Cleans and Eliminate odours by changing the molecular structure of the host environment, digests contaminants and speeds up the natural biodegrading process."BIO-ZYME" eliminates unpleasant odours through natural biodegradable process at the instant it is applied - it is NOT a mask. The multiple enzymes in "BIO-ZYME" will completely clean and deodorise all surfaces to which it is applied and will also remove bacteria and inhibit bacterial growth. Bio-zyme industrial can be used to break down orgaic matter in grease traps and drains, reducing blockages. **Bio-Grow Input for Organics and ECNZ certified*