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A review of Bar Keepers Friend

August 2017

Our own Janne has tried and tested our new product line, Bar Keepers Friend. Find out what she discovered and whether or not she's been convertered as a believer!

Christmas Wishes from Jasco Distributing

December 2016

Find out what we're wishing for this Christmas and join us on our journey in becoming more environmentally and socially responsible. Working together, we can make a positive change in our world, year-round.



Cleaning with Microfibre... The truth will amaze you!

November 2016

Discover the benefits of cleaning with microfibre! We'll show you how the fabric itself can provide passive sanitation and protection against germs.

The Benefits of your Morning Brew

September 2016

Learn about the benefits of enjoying a cuppa and why it pays off to treat yourself to a daily coffee break.



Enzymated Cleaning... What's All the Fuss?

August 2016

The use of enzymes makes cleaning a whole lot easier and safer. Find out how enzymes lend power and potency while also reducing your dependency on chemicals.

What You Need To Know About Hand Sanitizers

July 2016

With 80% of germs being spread by hands, good hand hygiene can make a world of difference to your health. Learn more about hand hygiene and how effective hand sanitisers can play an important role in keeping healthy.






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