• Product Code: TWFP20Y
  • U.O.M: EACH
  • Price: $69.90 (GST Excl.)

Diamonds are a floors best friend too, Clean and polish floors with just water! Chemical Free cleaning Twister is a revolutionary method for everyday machine cleaning of any type of floor. With billions of microscopic diamonds impregnated into the pad, the Twister pads clean and polish your floor at the same time without the need for chemicals. It’s the easy, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way to maintain the appearance of your floor. Twister diamond pads and water is all you need to produce clean and shiny floors, saving time, money and reducing environmental impact. Twister will increase the life span of the floors and reduce your need for consumables and eliminates the need to burnish. Suitable for use on NON-RESILIENT FLOORS. PVC,Vinyl, Linoileum, Rubber, Epoxy, Coated Wooden Floors.