• Product Code: KAPS4/7
  • U.O.M: EA
  • Price: $6,999.00 (GST Excl.)

Disinfection device PS 4/7 Bp Mister for the precise and even distribution of disinfectants onto hard or soft surfaces. Perfect for use in hygienically sensitive areas. Our battery-powered disinfection cleaning device PS 4/7 Bp Mister is a direction spray system, which has been specially developed by Kärcher for use with the disinfectants used in hygienically sensitive areas such as in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, the disinfection device can also be used in many other places such as in labs and research facilities in the pharmaceutical, medical technology or biotechnology industries in order to eliminate all types of pathogens without any compromises. The PS 4/7 Bp Mister ensures the very precise and even distribution of the disinfectant – also in corners and crevices that are difficult to access or can only be inadequately disinfected using traditional wiping methods. Germs, bacteria, mould or viruses. (disinfectant product not included). Pressure = 100psi Spray rate (ml/min) = 200ml/min Fresh water tank capacity = 3.8Ltr Battery running time = 8 hours Battery charge time = 5 hours