• Product Code: BYWOCT2PLY
  • U.O.M: CTN
  • Price: $114.95 (GST Excl.)

36 rolls per carton, 865 sheets per roll. ESG Opticore toilet tissue system. 100% PCU post consumer waste recycled paper. When used through the new Revolution and Dubl-Serv dispensers to ensure maximum use of each roll, before advancing to the next roll. This “controlled use” reduces product waste and costs. 45% Reduction in Waste = Unique dispensing solution designed to control the use and minimise waste. Result in lower landfill volumes and associated waste management costs. 15-30% Reduction in Labour = Fewer refills required contributing to a significant reduction in handing and an increase in cleaning efficacy. 30% Reduction in order Frequency = Minimises the total cost of ownership resulting in Less invoices to process, lower warehouse storage and handling. Uses 100% of your paper stock to extend the life of every roll and reduce handling frequency. 25% Reduction in Storage = fewer carton purchases required, results in improved associated storage costs and reduction in investment for holding excess stock. (% averages based on opticore trial data)