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Saving the planet, one towel at a time! Front: Please help us to conserve water and energy by hanging your bath linen for re-use. If you would like your bath linen replaced please leave it in the bath or shower cubical. It will be replaced when your room is serviced. Thank you. Caring for your environment Back: Inspired by the healing and restorative properties of nature, De Cheri Natural combines the best of modern cosmetic science with traditional cottage garden favourites such as Lemon Balm, Violets and Calendula. As with all of our hair & body care products, De Cheri Natural range is made right here in New Zealand. Made in New Zealand Bio degradable Free from animal or petrochemical by-products Made from a 100% vegetable base GE Free Tested on humans, not animals Printed on 100% recycled, oxygen bleached cardboard De Cheri Natural Products are proudly designed and produced by Health Pak, New Zealand.