Jasco Covid-19 Update


Due to the impact of COVID-19 the courier network in NZ is currently under extreme pressure. All freight companies have reported significant delays in delivery times, some regions may take up to 10+ working days.. Please be mindful of this when placing your order. If possible please collect your order from the nearest Jasco branch..

Thank you for understanding..

COVID-19 UPDATE - 18th May 2020

Hello all, 
Firstly, thank you to all that have supported us throughout the lock-down period. We understand that times are tough for many, but we will continue to do what we can to ensure we all get through..  I am sure the news that NZ will move to Level 2 this week was welcomed by all!
Jasco Distributing are now operating under level 2 Pandemic emergency operational plans. The majority of our team are working from our offices and our Account Managers will be permitted to make service calls. Throughout this pandemic we have maintained a strict hygiene program and have put in place further strict operational procedures to ensure the safety of our team and those they are visiting will remain safe under Level 2 operations. 
Under Level 2 pandemic operations, Our showrooms in Rotorua and Taupo, remain closed , with limited access. Access will be limited for essential sales support only, ie Specialist Product advice, or Equipment Sales. "Contact Tracing" is required for entry into our showrooms. You will need to submit the following information.
•    Name
•    Email address
•    Contact Number

This information can be submitted by scanning the QR code at the branch with your smartphone before entry, if you are unable to do this we would be more than happy to do this for you upon arrival. Our E-Form will automatically record the Date and Time. 
The safety of the public and our team is priority, we are only allowing 1 person at a time to enter our showrooms. This is so we can maintain social distancing between customers and staff. At times there may be delays to gain entry, so please plan ahead, place your orders as per a method above and only collect orders if it is necessary to do so.. 
If you are collecting an order that has been charged to your trade account, or you have pre-paid online, there is no need to enter the building, therefore no need to complete the contact tracing form. Simply make yourself known upon arrive and we will place your order in the collection area. If you are collecting an order that requires payment upon collection, then you will be required to complete the "Contact Tracing" form, as you will need to enter the building to complete payment. 
Until the status of the COVID-19 Pandemic is officially lifted, ALL orders will continue to be dispatched for delivery via our courier network. Click & Collect or phone orders may still be collected from the branch.
On behalf of the Holland Family and  our Jasco Family, thank you for your ongoing support,


Tom Holland - General Manager

COVID-19 UPDATE - 23 April 2020

Dear Customers, 
Firstly, Id like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for your amazing support throughout this time on uncertainty. Your support means a lot to us, so once again.. Thank you very much! I do hope you and you Whanau are all well, and that you are beginning to see some light on the other side…
As NZ moves into Level 3 on Tuesday 28th April, we will like to extend our support to business trying to get back up and running. Under Level 3, our team will continue to work from home from Tuesday 28th April, we will be returning to our normal operating hours, which are 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Under Level 3 you will be allowed to re-enter your business so you can get ready to re-open at a later date. We can help you get ready by preparing a Cleaning plan or general Hygiene plan for your business to ensure you, your team and customers remain safe. Our plans can be customised to suit your establishment, with step by step cleaning procedures to help everyone stay safe throughout the coming winter months. This plan exceeds requirements under the workplace H&S Act, and is completely FREE for Jasco customers. If you would like Jasco to prepare a Covid-19 Cleaning Plan please email mail@jascodist.co.nz,  or your Jasco account manager.

On behalf of the Holland Family and  our Jasco Family, thanks again for your continued support,


Tom Holland - General Manager

COVID-19 UPDATE - 3 April 2020

Please note a change in our operating hours,

Effective Monday 6th April, We will be operating 9am - 4pm MONDAY-THURSDAY

You can continue to contact our team via email or phone during this Stage 4 lockdown period..


Tom Holland - General Manager

COVID-19 UPDATE - 2 April 2020

We are sorry to hear that a number of the Businesses we supply have been forced to close under COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown,  and understand many are facing difficult times ahead, we are in the same boat but we will do everything we can to help our Customers get through. 

HAND and SURFACE SANITISERS - We are expecting more stock of hand sanitiser and surface sanitiser to be available for purchase next week. Once we have fulfilled orders for essential business, will make these available to the general public online.

FACE MASKS - We have been able to source some reusable face masks locally made in NZ. Order FACE MASK here.

Click the link to read some great information on the cleaning process to help stay safe during this Pandemic.. (Thanks to our sales partner JASOL New Zealand for this information) DOWNLOAD CLEANING PDF HERE.
We genuinely feel for every Business that has been forced to close or are limited in their operations, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding your account balance with Jasco Distributing please contact mike@jascodist.co.nz to discuss options.

To read more information regarding COVID-19, please refer to the governments Unite against COVID-19 website. https://covid19.govt.nz/ 

Remember were are here to help, Take care of yourself and your Family over this uncertain time. 


Tom Holland - General Manager

COVID-19 UPDATE - 23 March 2020

STAGE 4 Pandemic emergency has been declared by the NZ GOVT. As we are a key supplier to essential business we will continue to operate throughout Stage 4 pandemic emergency. Our teams are working from home offices and are still contactable as per normal. Call 0800 527 260 if you have any queries.

Our Branches are CLOSED to public access. ALL orders to be delivered by courier


Tom Holland - General Manager

COVID-19 UPDATE - 22 March 2020


Jasco Distributing is committed to helping our Customers get through this evolving situation regarding the COVID-19. pandemic, and we will endeavor to continue to provide the best possible service to our Customers.

WE ARE CURRENTLY OPERATING UNDER STAGE 2 PANDEMIC EMERGENCY PLANS, and will continue to do so until the status of the COVID-19 Pandemic is officially lifted. If a stage 3 pandemic emergency is declared, the infrastructure and technology used in our business will allow us to work isolated and still be able to deliver orders to you.

If you are in need of supplies you can continue to order online or call us on 0800 527 260. 

To date we have experienced unprecedented demand for hand sanitiser and surface sanitiser, and have sold out of some of these lines with future supply limited. Jasco Distributing also has an obligation and a duty of care to reserve stocks to ensure some supply to “Pandemic Priority Sectors” (such as Healthcare and Aged Care) during this Pandemic. Please be understanding if we cannot fulfill your order, we will do our best to ensure what limited stocks are available are shared.

Remember to be thorough with your cleaning, wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, dry with paper towels.. If you need cleaning advice, our team will be happy to share our industry knowledge to help you get through..


Tom Holland - General Manager